LONDON – The British government on Thursday published white paper announcing its official policy for setting out its plans of leaving the European Union (EU).

Brexit secretary David Davis, who published the White Paper said that “best days are still to come” for UK outside the EU.

The paper states the government’s 12 “principles” including migration control and “taking control of our own laws”.

After leaving the EU, it will no longer be able to enjoy free trade with the remaining member states of the union, potentially introducing much higher import duties and tariffs.

The international media reported, the government said that after leaving the union, it will “ensure that we can take advantage of the opportunity to negotiate our own preferential trade agreements around the world.

“We will not be bound by the EU’s Common External Tariff or participate in the Common Commercial Policy.”

After the paper was published, Mr Davis was asked to clarify what the White Paper says about the customs union, and he confirmed that it meant Britain was “definitely leaving” it.

It describes the themes of the government’s aims for its negotiations with the EU, as announced by Prime Minister Theresa May last month. These include withdrawing from the EU single market and customs union and negotiating a new free trade agreement.

The European customs union is the largest in the world by economic output, which gives it considerable negotiating power.