Imran Abbas takes lots of selfies touring Europe!

01:42 PM | 1 Aug, 2017
Imran Abbas takes lots of selfies touring Europe!
SPOTTED! Imran Abbas has been touring beautiful cities around Europe, hashtagging his pictures under 'Travel Diaries'. 

The Pakistani actor was seen on the streets of Amsterdam in Netherlands; exploring and, of course, taking lots and lots of selfies (and sometimes asking others to take pictures of him).

We wonder if he is travelling alone though!

Strolling around Colosseum (amphi-theatre) in Rome, he claimed, "Whenever I come to this city, it feels like the first time. The magical architecture and the enchanting aroma of Roman civilization always calls me back, and compells me to lose myself in it."

Powerful words, we must say!

He was then spotted in Switzerland, with it's flawlessly beautiful alps, rivers, valleys, ski-resorts and of course, hiking trails. We are in LOVE with the adventure pictures, keep them coming, Imran!