Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil and others raise their voice against child abuse

05:17 PM | 1 Jan, 2020
Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil and others raise their voice against child abuse

LAHORE- Child Abuse is unfortunately widely prevalent in Pakistan. It tries to hide itself under the guise of religion but  shockingly pedophilia or child abuse is rampant in Pakistani society.  The Zainab case in Kasur and the Kasur child abuse scandal are just two cases which illustrate a very crucial picture of the malady that is plaguing our society.

These incidents occur every day, perhaps every hour. Despite this, we express our surprise and disgust each time a case gets highlighted, for whatever reasons, by the media. All the well known individuals – whether politicians or those from non-governmental organisations – suddenly start flocking at the victim’s house, in front of the press clubs or inside television studios but nothing happens. And the cycle continues.

In the past  month a string of incidents of child molestation have been picked up. Last week a ten year old boy in Mansehra was sexually assaulted by a Madrassa teacher. The child was reportedly hospitalized as he suffered from various injuries. In connection with the case, Qari Shamsuddin was arrested on Sunday by the KPK police.

The news along with recent incidents about child abuse have led to mass public uproar, with several celebrities also sharing their opinion regarding the matter.

Mahira Khan:

“Make an example out of these monsters. For God’s sake. For our children’s sake. For the sake of the religion we believe in and for the one they so wrongly claim!!” Mahira said in an emotional tweet which she also later re-posted tagging Shireen Mazari.

Nadia Jamil:

“I wish I could assist our current Prime Minister in taking care of children. I’m not good for much but I am good for love and finding amazing people to work in the right direction honestly. That’s what us mothers do. We nurture. These children need the State to be their mother As soon as possible please!” she said.

Sheniera Akram:

Every time we hear of a child being abused, we say we should have done more to protect them. Let’s not have a next time, let’s act now.Anyone who knows of a child who may be in harm, it’s your duty to report before it’s too late” she said.

“Anyone who thinks their reputation is more important than their own child’s health &safety has rocks in their head. A child’s future is better without abuse than what ever they will face in the future.Families and communities need to band together & fight for their children’s welfare” she added.

Armeena Rana Khan:

"To solve problems, especially endemic societal issues like rape/ molestation require open & honest conversations and acknowledgement, only then solutions can be reached. hiding behind fake ‘Izzat’ and ‘honour’ isn’t going to make them go away. Period." wrote Khan.

Frieha Altaf:

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