Barriya Ansari is the emerging makeup artist you should follow on Instagram

Barriya manages her own makeup studio known as 'My Umbrella Studio' in Karachi

04:41 PM | 1 May, 2020
Barriya Ansari is the emerging makeup artist you should follow on Instagram

KARACHI - Barriya Ansari is a self-built entrepreneur, known as “ B ”. She is a makeup artist born on December 10, 1992, in Karachi Pakistan, currently residing in New York City.

Barriya started off her makeup journey with a studio in Karachi, Pakistan and now is a New York-based beauty & lifestyle blogger. She is a wife of M. Haseeb Qureshi, a successful entrepreneur of the hospitality industry’s as well a mother of a beautiful daughter. Being a wife/mother didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams as she continues her passion to work in the industry until today. This lets her followers get diverse perspectives and a perfect fusion of the eastern and western culture, honestly giving them the best of both worlds through the content that she publishes. 

It’s a great thing for our Pakistani community to have such talented women raising standards for all the other women who have ambitions and goals to achieve wonders in life. Women like Barriya aim to encourage and promote self-growth among all other women, they’re focused on paving ways for others as well by being an inspiration and sending out positivity to believe in oneself because like they say “Believe you can and you’re halfway there already”.

Barriya Ansari has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and Production that clearly indicates that she loves art and drama. She graduated from Greenwich University and later worked as a research strategist in Creative Chaos and for other well-renowned firms. Media runs in her blood due to her families background is from the media industry. She is the niece of late Jamshed Ansari, a famous and well known Pakistani icon who passed away in 2005 due to a brain tumour. She is also the niece of Naheed Ansari, a celebrity chef of Pakistan.

All been said, Barriya marked her footsteps in the path of the family legacy. Apart from being super talented, we have noticed that the makeup artist looks a lot like Pakistani famed TV star Sarah Khan. Isn't so? 

Born as a makeup fanatic, she pursuit beauty, lifestyle and fashion on a professional level. She dedicated her free time practising on new and upcoming faces, exploring different trends and styles recognized globally.

Since makeup and fashion go hand in hand, Barriya’s mother wanted both her daughters to indulge in this industry as makeup artists and work by her side. That’s exactly how they came up with their brand, Under My Umbrella- an umbrella that covers makeup and clothing both. 

In 2016 Barriya finally started her own makeup studio known by the name of Under My Umbrella Studio in Karachi,  Pakistan and is successfully managed to put her mark internationally in places like New York City. She states, “Makeup is an art that defines a true meaning of fashion and glamour with no boundaries”

Barriya strongly believes in order to stand out, a girl should be two things, classy and confident. She says, “Your style represents you and your beauty speaks for you.”

So guys, Do follow Barriya's social media handle for staying updated regarding the latest makeup trends and styles.

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