Indian couple gets married in PPE kits after groom tests positive for COVID-19

07:01 PM | 1 May, 2021
Indian couple gets married in PPE kits after groom tests positive for COVID-19

With the third wave of coronavirus hitting the world, netizens have found modern solutions to resolve their problems during the pandemic.

Since the last year, many eccentric marriages have been surfaced on the web – all thanks to the restriction but this one sees to take the trophy.

A couple in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh's Ratlam district tied the knot wearing PPE kits after the groom tested positive for coronavirus.

However, despite testing positive, the man went ahead with his nuptial ceremony, marrying his bride. The video has left people on social media bemused.

The wedding took place with the permission of the administration and the family members and police officials were part of the ceremony.

According to Indian media, the authorities got to know about the groom contracting the virus and later getting married. They rushed to the venue to stop the ceremony.

However, the couple and the other family members requested, and later, the wedding was solemnised in the presence of senior police officials. “The couple was made to wear PPE kits so the infection doesn’t spread,” Garg said.

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Spreading like wildfire on social media, a video of the wedding went viral leaving the people in the South Asian country baffled.

While some asked why the wedding couldn’t wait, others criticised the authorities to allow it. It also triggered many jokes online.

This wedding comes at a time when celebrities and people have been donating oxygen tanks to authorities and private organisations amid the third deadly wave that erupted after a new variant spread during mass political and religious events, overwhelming hospitals with dire shortages of medical facilities.

However, they are not the only couple. In Kerala, a hospital turned into a wedding venue after the groom and his mother had tested positive days before the special day.

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