‘Disappointed Pakistani fan’ Sarim Akhtar makes it to Hong Kong Museum of Memes

04:23 PM | 2 Aug, 2021
‘Disappointed Pakistani fan’ Sarim Akhtar makes it to Hong Kong Museum of Memes

LAHORE – The Pakistan cricket fan Muhammad Sarim Akhtar, whose iconic furious reaction during Pakistan vs Australia World Cup match had gone viral, has now been featured at the World's first Meme Museum in Hong Kong.

London-based Sarim took to his Twitter, where he shared a picture of his meme that has been put on display in the Hong Kong museum.  “I got featured in the Hong Kong Museum of memes. Yoohoo,” the caption of his post reads.

The viral sensation shared a video of the 9GAG Meme Exhibition at K11 Art Mall, saying that his sister had found his face in the clip at 0.37 seconds.

In the year 2019, he was caught standing displeased, with both his hands on his waist during the live telecast of Pakistan’s World Cup encounter against Australia. It then became viral making Akhtar an international internet sensation.

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Earlier, the meme guy explained the scenario behind his iconic expression during an interview. “I was unhappy after the Pakistani team dropped a catch on the field”, he told the international cricket body.