Russia’s new air defense system S-550 enters combat duty amid tension with Ukraine

Latest anti-ballistic missile system capable of hitting spacecraft, hypersonic targets

11:57 AM | 2 Jan, 2022
Russia’s new air defense system S-550 enters combat duty amid tension with Ukraine

MOSCOW – Latest air defense system S-550 of world's second-largest arms exporter Russia has entered combat service, Russian state-run news agency said.

The report claimed that S-500, which is capable of hitting spacecraft, ballistic and hypersonic missiles, has completed field trials and the first brigade has begun combat duty.

S-550 was first announced in November and is thought to be a derivative of the S-500 more specialized in ballistic missile defense. The new defense system will now be part of Moscow’s inclusive missile and air defense with the low-range S-350, S-400 and S-500 systems.

The arrival of S-550 ensures that the largest country by area possesses a multilayered air- and missile-defense architecture.

Meanwhile, the official sources still haven't confirmed the deployment of the S-550 system capable of targeting altitudes of tens of thousands of kilometers.

Russia’s state tech corporation Chief, earlier in November, said that the S-550 will have a longer-range target detection and missile interception capability.

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Russia's latest moves come as tensions at the border with Ukraine continue while Moscow and Washington are set to hold talks in Geneva on January 10.

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