Noor Mukadam case: Zahir Jaffer thrown out of court for misbehaving with judge (VIDEO)

03:42 PM | 3 Nov, 2021
Noor Mukadam case: Zahir Jaffer thrown out of court for misbehaving with judge (VIDEO)

ISLAMABAD – A Sessions court earlier today forcibly removed Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, from the courtroom as he hurled obscenities at the judge.

During the hearing of the case presided over by Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani, the culprit started calling out the name Hamza while interrupting the court proceedings.

It started when Zahir attempted to speak before the judge, but he was not allowed and after failing to get permission, he got furious and used inappropriate language in the courtroom. 

Jaffer, who had committed the crime, also lashed out at the court and hurled obscenities at the judge saying the court is nothing but dirt. He said the court is dragging him as they have no power. 

Meanwhile, the judge asked his mother, Asmat Adamjee, to come to the rostrum and asked her to control Jaffer. “You should teach your son, see what he is doing in the courtroom,” the judge told his mother.

“I have never seen something more fake”, Jaffer said, while terming his trial a puppet show in front of the judge. The culprit further added that he has never seen more incompetent people in a room in his entire life.

He went on to say “I'm giving you an opportunity to hang me but still you guys are dragging it” while referring to the previous proceedings when he begged before the court to set him free or hang him as he cannot live such a pathetic life in jail.

Upon the unpleasant comments, Judge Ata Rabbani ordered the federal cops to remove Zahir from the courtroom and take him to the temporary holding area. The culprit then refused to leave the courtroom and started manhandling policemen, who then forcefully removed him from the courtroom.

The video clips shared by court reporters showed law enforcers dragging him out of the courtroom as he kept resisting while being cuffed. During today's hearing, all suspects in the case were presented in court.

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Earlier, the court indicted 12 suspects in the Noor Mukadam murder case, including Zahir’s parents Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, Zahir’s employees Muhammad Iftikhar, Jameel Ahmed, and Muhammad Jan, and six Therapy Works employees including CEO Tahir Zahoor.

It all started with the brutal killing of Noor Mukadam who was found dead at a residence in Islamabad's Sector F-7/4 on July 20.

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