Hania Amir slammed for preaching self love with an Instagram filter

10:20 PM | 4 Mar, 2021
Hania Amir slammed for preaching self love with an Instagram filter

Celebrities all over the world are always in limelight. Since they are always under media radar they are subjected to harsh judgments over their looks but Hania Amir keeps it all-natural as she reminds everyone to go easy on themselves.

This time the Janaan star drew ire for asking people to embrace their natural, makeup-free self while using an Instagram beauty filter.

Amir posted a video on her story in which she called out the ‘gora complex’ perpetuating in the society. Unfortunately in today's world, unrealistic beauty standards have blinded us as a woman is expected to have flawless skin.

“One thing that has been bothering me for a while is color shaming,” she said while revealing how she realized the problem soon after a friend told her she needed to get a tan.

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Gori hai tou chitti hai, dark complexion hai tou gori kyun nai hojati?! [If she has a dark complexion, why doesn’t she get fair]. I think it’s high time we start having these conversations because… till when will we get insecure about the way we look?” she questioned the tainted beauty standards.

Netizens were baffled that the starlet was ‘preaching’ with an Instagram filter on her face. The beauty filter was meant to plump up your lips alongside adding a subtle rosy glow on cheeks which elevated the whole face.

The keyboard warriors did not hold back from calling out her hypocrisy that effortlessly killed the entire essence of her rant. Preaching others to ‘accept yourself’ while putting a layer of filter over her face came off more like an empty talk. Double standards or sheer recklessness, the 24-year-old yet again falls to merciless trolling.

Being the flag-bearer of beautiful brown skin, Pakistanis still have a long way to go to travel the path of acceptance. 

Unrealistic beauty standards have resulted in normalizing blurring out imperfections and flaunting glowy skin that smoothens the face with the help of filters in order to meet social expectations.

Earlier, Syra Yousuf shared a picture on Instagram with no filter where she did not tolerate unwanted critique and made a subtle statement through her Instagram story, effectively shutting down trolls mocking her skin and calling her old.

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