Ramadan 2021 – What breaks a fast and what doesn't

09:15 PM | 5 Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2021 – What breaks a fast and what doesn't

With Ramadan around the corner, Muslims are preparing for the auspicious month with zeal and zest. Offering a chance to enhance their spirituality and rejuvenate their faith, Muslims fast all day long.

Amid other religious queries, there are certain ambiguities about how to keep the Roza (fast) intact. Here is a list of the things that may or may not break the fast according to the rulings derived from Fatwas of Muslim scholars.

Bleeding From Mouth and Nose

One of the major ambiguity about fasting is whether the Roza remains intact despite the bleeding from the mouth and nose. Clearing the stance, the Muslim scholars say that it does not affect the fast but the blood should not be swallowed.

Moreover, the concerns were also raised since a lot of people are experiencing bleeding from the nose and chapped lips due to the heatwave.

Blood Test

An emergency blood test for diagnosing the disease is often required in a life-threatening situation. According to the scholar, the fast does not break the fast unless the extraction of blood equates to the same amount of blood extracted from cupping.

Tasting Food

Skaykh Ibn al-Uthaymin said that tasting the food does not break the fast, saying it is permissible for the one preparing the mead to taste food using the tip of the tongue whilst taking precaution in not swallowing anything.

Nose Drops

The usage of nose drops for treatment purpose does not break the fast unless the taste of drops reaches the throat or stomach.

Use of Inhaler

The use of an inhaler (puffer or pump) is a medical facility that is used by asthma patients for delivering medication into the body. Hence, the inhaler does not break the fast.

Brushing the teeth with Toothpaste

The fast will not break by using mouthwash and toothpaste. However, it is preferable to avoid using toothpaste or mouthwash as they may reach the throat and the taste may linger.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are also used for entirely medical purpose and their usage does not break the fast even if the taste of the medicine reaches the throat.


With concerns rising over whether vomiting breaks the fast or not, scholars have cleared that unless vomiting happens is intentional, the fast does not break.

Kissing and Hugging

During the Roza, sexual relations are prohibited including kissing and hugging. While they do not break the fast, however, it is only allowed if it does not lead to sexual arousal. The emission of prostatic fluid does not break the fast unless resulted in ejaculation.


Taking an anaesthetic injection does not break the fast but taking nutritional injections breaks the fast as these are considered similar to food.

Smelling of Applying Perfumes

According to Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymin and Shaykh Ibn Baz, fast does not break by smelling or applying or incense unless you do not inhale and ingest it.


The religious scholar says, using cosmetics or makeup does not break the fast.