Faithful start observing 'Aitekaf' today

08:55 PM | 5 Jun, 2018
Faithful start observing 'Aitekaf' today
LAHORE - Hundreds of thousands of faithful have started observing Aitekaf across the country, practising the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

The faithful observing Aitekaf in mosques till the sighting of Shawwal moon.

Aitekaf is to retreat and seclude oneself within a mosque during the last ten days of Ramazan.

During this period, Motakfafeen will offer special prayers and seek Allah Almighty's blessings and mercy.

All major mosques have already completed the registration process for Aitekaf.

Large cities' mosques became the centre of special prayers where hundreds of worshippers were set to gather for this religious duty; an intensive worship observed during the last 10 days of Ramazan.

In major mosques like Faisal Masjid in Islamabad, lectures of religious scholars have especially been arranged for Aitekaf observers to educate them about true Islamic teachings.