The integration of Pakistan and American affairs

08:23 PM | 6 May, 2018
The integration of Pakistan and American affairs
The dynamics of progression begin with taking steps to create awareness, one person at a time. The most efficient way to improve a society is to begin within yourself and commit towards the sustenance of today’s society, and most importantly our future generations.

The American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC), a nonprofit organisation, was created by a board of trustees who took small dedicated steps to spread awareness and unite ideologies and nations. The focus of APPAC is to progress the affairs between Americans and Pakistanis through optimising civic engagement, improve social, economical and cultural integration in order- to achieve greater harmony between these nations.

APPAC initiated its mission of intertwining the relations between citizens and administrations of the US and Pakistan since 2017. It has been establishing its relationship to unite the communities together, for a peaceful and progressive outcome. The mission of APPAC is to uplift integration and allow for a safe Pakistan to exist, involve American Pakistani communities and “cultivate an empowered and abled future leadership for a more inclusive and diverse United States”.

A committee like APPAC is one that is concentrated on “supporting political candidates and organisations which are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all, and which stand against bigotry, prejudice and hate. As well as standing against Islamophobia and raising awareness among the key decision makers and public on the bonds between Pakistan and the US.

Recently APPAC held a meeting with Senator Lindsey Graham to discuss affairs between Pakistan and America. The public affairs that Senator Graham has involved himself in for Pakistan are a major step for American Pakistani’s to grow together. The meeting includes the committee board members along with Senator Lindsey Graham, conversing public affairs between America and Pakistan. The interest to innovate and secure Pakistan with the help of APPAC is essential. Lastly, the power of the American born Pakistani’s has a major impact on “acquiring leadership skills, in supporting youth leadership and preparation for future public offices and service”.

Furthermore, APPAC intends to increase its awareness throughout the American and Pakistani society. The consciousness will allow for these small steps to create great changes and relations between Pakistan and America.