PM Imran urges Muslim world to stand against Islamophobia

07:45 PM | 8 Feb, 2021
PM Imran urges Muslim world to stand against Islamophobia

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday called on the Muslim world leaders for collective action against West’s attitude of linking Islam with terrorism.

Addressing an Ulema and Mashaikh conference, he stressed on raising concerns against rising Islamophobia, adding that said Islam has nothing to do with extremism or terrorism, but it is a religion of peace.

The premier highlighted that he has raised the issue of Islamophobia on all forums and will continue to do it.

He lamented that the West conveniently associated Islam with terrorism but Muslim leaders remained silent on it. He said that the Muslim world should have to raise voice in this regard.

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He explained extremists prevails in all societies, but when western countries started linking Islam with terrorism using terms like "radical Islam," "Islamic extremism," on one come up to counter the disinformation.

He said that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, a group comprising Hindus, carried out suicide attack and the Japanese also carried out suicide attacks in American ships but at that time there religion was associated with terrorism.

He also urged religious scholars to play their due role for spreading mass awareness about cleanliness, righteousness and national unity to make Pakistan a great nation.

He said corruption is another important issue on which the Ulema should educate people to make this menace unacceptable in the society.

The Prime Minister said religious scholars have a pivotal role in building Pakistan as an Islamic welfare state as envisioned by the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The Prime Minister said ensuring all the basic rights to every citizen and rule of law were the two main principles of the State of Madina.

Referring to the growth in the Scandinavian countries, he said these countries acted upon the principles practiced in the State of Madina, but we lagged behind for not paying due attention to them.

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