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Punjab Assembly Election Results 2024

08:32 AM | 9 Feb, 2024
Punjab Assembly Election Results 2024
Source: File Photo

Over 73,000,000 voters in Pakistan's most populated region Punjab exercised their democratic right by casting votes for candidates participating in elections for provincial legislatures.

All eyes are on media and ECP as the vote count on Punjab Assembly seats is underway. 

Following are the unofficial results of PA constituencies.

PP-150 Lahore-VI

PML-N’s Khawaja Imran Nazir secures 34,956 votes

independent candidate Abdul Karim bags 30,314.

PP-172 Lahore-XXVIII

Independent candidate Misbah Javed got 31,378 votes 

Rana Mashhood Khan runnerup with 28,647 votes.

PP-160 Lahore-XVI

PML-N candidate Malik Asad Ali secures 26,781 votes 

independent candidate Azam Khan Niazi got 21,249 votes

PP-174 Lahore-XXX

Bilal Yasin secures 35,42 votes 

independent candidate Chaudhary Asghar Gujjar at 2,097.

PP-15 Rawalpindi-IX 

Independent candidate Ziyad Kiyani leads with 1,555

PML-N’s Malik Mansoor Afsar runner up with 802 votes

PP-20 Chakwal-I XIII

Sultan Haider Ali leading with 37,635 votes 

Independent candidate Chaudhary Ali Nasir Khan secures 34,264

PP-23 Talagang

PML-N’s Malik Sheharyar secured 86120 votes

PTI backed independent Sultan Surkho got 75036 votes

PP-27 Gujrat-I

Independent candidate Shameem Ashraf secures 77240 votes

PML-N's Muhammad Hanif Malik 16019

PP-31 Gujrat-V

PML-Q's Chaudhry Shafay gets 1246 votes

Independent candidate runner up with 1126 votes

PP-65 Gujranwala-VII

Independent candidate Waqar Cheema secures 1209 votes

Hasan Bhutta runnerup with 942 votes

PP-95 Chiniot-II

PML-N's Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti secures 36,717 votes 

Independent candidate Mian Shaukat was runnerup with 29588 votes

PP-101 Faisalabad-IV

PML-N's Chaudhry Safdar Shakir secures 4092 votes

Independent candidate runnerup with 3909

PP-130 Jhang-VI

PML-N candidate Faisal Hayyat Jabboana secured 355 votes and independent candidate Mian Azam Chela secured 341,

PP-141 Sheikhupura-VI

Independent candidate Tayyab Rashid Advocate got 48622 votes 

PML-N Amjad Latif secures 28851 votes

PP-177 Kasur-III

PML-N's Haji Naeem Safdar secures 28,485 votes

Independent candidate Maher Saleem Advocate runnerup with 15012 votes

PP-197 Pakpattan-V

Independent candidate Imran Akram Jutt 3880 votes

PML-N Kashif Ali Chishti 2038 

PP-185 Okara-I

Chaudhry Javed Allauddin secures 42,140 votes 

Javed Bhuwana 39,080.

PPP-206 Khanewal-II

PML-N candidate Osama Fazal secures 46,789 votes

independent candidate Ahmed Yar Haraj 39120 votes

PP-216 Multan-IV:

Independent candidate Adnan Dogar secures 66,463 votes

IND Imran Hussain Arshad 5588 votes

TLP's Muhammad Shahab Ali got 5,361 votes

PP-217 Multan-V: 

Independent candidate Nadeem Qureshi secures 61,078 votes

PML-N Tariq Rasheed 32,430 votes

PP-221 Multan-IX

Independent candidate Ziyad Kiyani leads with 1,555

PML-N’s Malik Mansoor Afsar runnerup with 802 votes.

PP-208 Khanewal-IV

PML-N backed Rana Babar Hussain Abid got 48,360 votes 

Jamshed Shaukat Azad 45990.

PP-274 Muzaffargarh-VII

PML-N's Muhammad Sibtian Raza secures 25416 votes

independent candidate Shahzad Rasool Khan at 24477

PP-292 Rajanpur-I

PML-N's Sardar Sher Afgan Gorchani secures 4381 votes

independent candidate Ahmed at 2849

PP-295 Rajanpur-IV 

PML-N's Abdul Aziz Khan secures 10,298 votes

independent candidate 5324

PPP's Sardar Farooq Amaullah Dareshak 4,974.

PP-1 Attock-I: Results awaiting 

PP-2 Attock-II: Results awaiting  

PP-3 Attock-III: Results awaiting 

PP-4 Attock-IV: Results awaiting 

PP-5 Attock-V: Results awaiting 

PP-6 Murree: Results awaiting 

PP-7 Rawalpindi-I: Results are awaiting 

PP-8 Rawalpindi-II: Results are awaiting 

PP-9 Rawalpindi-III: Results are awaiting 

PP-10 Rawalpindi-IV: Results are awaiting 

PP-11 Rawalpindi-V: Results are awaiting 

PP-12 Rawalpindi-VI: Results are awaiting 

PP-13 Rawalpindi-VII: Results are awaiting 

PP-14 Rawalpindi-VIII: Results are awaiting 

PP-16 Rawalpindi-X: Results are awaiting 

PP-17 Rawalpindi-XIL Results are awaiting 

PP-18 Rawalpindi-XII: Results are awaiting 

PP-19 Rawalpindi-XIII: Results are  awaiting 

PP-21 Chakwal-II: Results are awaiting 

PP-22 Chakwal-cum-Talagang: Results are awaiting 

PP-24 Jhelum-I: Results are awaiting 

PP-25 Jhelum-II: Results are awaiting 

PP-26 Jhelum-III: Results are awaiting 

PP-28 Gujrat-II: Results are awaiting 

PP-29 Gujrat-III: Results are awaiting 

PP-30 Gujrat-IV: Results are awaiting 

PP-32 Gujrat-VI: Results are awaiting 

PP-33 Gujrat-VII: Results are awaiting 

PP-34 Gujrat-VIII: Results are awaiting 

PP-35 Wazirabad-I Results are awaiting 

PP-36 Wazirabad-II Results are awaiting 

PP-37 Hafizabad-I Results are awaiting 

PP-38 Hafizabad-II Results are awaiting 

PP-39 Hafizabad-III Results awaiting 

PP-40 Mandi Bahauddin-I Results awaiting 

PP-41 Mandi Bahauddin-II Results awaiting 

PP-42 Mandi Bahauddin-III Results awaiting 

PP-43 Mandi Bahauddin-IV Results awaiting 

PP-44 Sialkot-I Results awaiting 

PP-45 Sialkot-II Results awaiting 

PP-46 Sialkot-III Results awaiting 

PP-47 Sialkot-IV Results awaiting 

PP-48 Sialkot-V Results awaiting 

PP-49 Sialkot-VI Results awaiting 

PP-50 Sialkot-VII Results awaiting 

PP-51 Sialkot-VIII Results awaiting 

PP-52 Sialkot-IX Results awaiting 

PP-53 Sialkot-X

PP-54 Narowal-I

PP-55 Narowal-II

PP-56 Narowal-III

PP-57 Narowal-IV

PP-58 Narowal-V

PP-59 Gujranwala-I

PP-70 Gujranwala-XII

PP-60 Gujranwala-II

PP-61 Gujranwala-III

PP-66 Gujranwala-VIII

PP-67 Gujranwala-IX

PP-62 Gujranwala-IV

PP-63 Gujranwala-V

PP-64 Gujranwala-VI

PP-68 Gujranwala-X

PP-69 Gujranwala-XI

PP-71 Sargodha-I

PP-72 Sargodha-II

PP-73 Sargodha-III

PP-74 Sargodha-IV

PP-75 Sargodha-V

PP-76 Sargodha-VI

PP-77 Sargodha-VII

PP-78 Sargodha-VIII

PP-79 Sargodha-IX

PP-80 Sargodha-X

PP-81 Khushab-I

PP-82 Khushab-II

PP-83 Khushab-III

PP-84 Khushab-IV

PP-85 Mianwali-I

PP-86 Mianwali-II

PP-87 Mianwali-III

PP-88 Mianwali-IV

PP-89 Bhakkar-I

PP-90 Bhakkar-II

PP-91 Bhakkar-III

PP-92 Bhakkar-IV

PP-93 Bhakkar-V

PP-94 Chiniot-I

PP-97 Chiniot-IV

PP-96 Chiniot-III

PP-98 Faisalabad-I

PP-99 Faisalabad-II

PP-100 Faisalabad-III

PP-102 Faisalabad-V

PP-103 Faisalabad-VI

PP-104 Faisalabad-VII

PP-105 Faisalabad-VIII

PP-106 Faisalabad-IX

PP-107 Faisalabad-X

PP-108 Faisalabad-XI

PP-109 Faisalabad-XII

PP-113 Faisalabad-XVI

PP-114 Faisalabad-XVII

PP-115 Faisalabad-XVIII

PP-116 Faisalabad-XIX

PP-117 Faisalabad-XX

PP-118 Faisalabad-XXI

PP-110 Faisalabad-XIII

PP-111 Faisalabad-XIV

PP-112 Faisalabad-XV

PP-119 Toba Tek Singh-I

PP-120 Toba Tek Singh-II

PP-121 Toba Tek Singh-III

PP-122 Toba Tek Singh-IV

PP-123 Toba Tek Singh-V

PP-124 Toba Tek Singh-VI

PP-125 Jhang-I

PP-126 Jhang-II

PP-131 Jhang-VII

PP-127 Jhang-III

PP-128 Jhang-IV

PP-129 Jhang-V

PP-132 Nankana Sahib-I

PP-133 Nankana Sahib-II

PP-134 Nankana Sahib-III

PP-135 Nankana Sahib-IV

PP-136 Sheikhupura-I

PP-137 Sheikhupura-II

PP-138 Sheikhupura-III

PP-139 Sheikhupura-IV

PP-140 Sheikhupura-V

PP-142 Sheikhupura-VII: Results are awaiting.

PP-143 Sheikhupura-VIII:: Results are awaiting. 

PP-144 Sheikhupura-IX:: Results are awaiting.

PP-145 Lahore-I:: Results are awaiting.

PP-146 Lahore-II: Results are awaiting.

PP-147 Lahore-III: Results are awaiting.

PP-148 Lahore-IV: Results are awaiting.

PP-149 Lahore-V: Results are awaiting.

PP-151 Lahore-VII: Results are awaiting.

PP-154 Lahore-X: Results are awaiting.

PP-152 Lahore-VIII: Results are awaiting.

PP-153 Lahore-IX: Results are awaiting.

PP-155 Lahore-XI: Results are awaiting.

PP-156 Lahore-XII: Results are awaiting.

PP-157 Lahore-XIII: Results are awaiting.

PP-158 Lahore-XIV: Results are awaiting.

PP-164 Lahore-XX

PP-159 Lahore-XV

PP-163 Lahore-XIX

PP-165 Lahore-XXI

PP-166 Lahore-XXII

PP-167 Lahore-XXIII

PP-168 Lahore-XXIV

PP-162 Lahore-XVIII

PP-161 Lahore-XVII

PP-169 Lahore-XXV

PP-170 Lahore-XXVI

PP-171 Lahore-XXVII

PP-173 Lahore-XXIX

PP-176 Kasur-II: 

PP-178 Kasur-IV

PP-175 Kasur-I

PP-179 Kasur-V

PP-180 Kasur-VI

PP-181 Kasur-VII

PP-182 Kasur-VIII

PP-183 Kasur-IX

PP-184 Kasur-X

PP-192 Okara-VIII

PP-190 Okara-VI

PP-191 Okara-VII

PP-186 Okara-II

PP-189 Okara-V

PP-187 Okara-III

PP-188 Okara-IV

PP-193 Pakpattan-I

PP-194 Pakpattan-II

PP-195 Pakpattan-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-196 Pakpattan-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-198 Sahiwal-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-199 Sahiwal-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-200 Sahiwal-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-201 Sahiwal-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-202 Sahiwal-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-203 Sahiwal-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-204 Sahiwal-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-205 Khanewal-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-211 Khanewal-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-207 Khanewal-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-209 Khanewal-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-210 Khanewal-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-213 Multan-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-214 Multan-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-215 Multan-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-218 Multan-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-219 Multan-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-220 Multan-VIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-222 Multan-X: Results are awaiting. 

PP-223 Multan-XI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-224 Multan-XII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-225 Lodhran-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-226 Lodhran-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-227 Lodhran-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-228 Lodhran-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-229 Vehari-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-231 Vehari-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-230 Vehari-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-232 Vehari-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-233 Vehari-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-234 Vehari-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-235 Vehari-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-236 Vehari-VIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-237 Bahawalnagar-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-238 Bahawalnagar-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-239 Bahawalnagar-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-240 Bahawalnagar-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-243 Bahawalnagar-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-244 Bahawalnagar-VIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-241 Bahawalnagar-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-242 Bahawalnagar-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-245 Bahawalpur-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-246 Bahawalpur-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-247 Bahawalpur-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-248 Bahawalpur-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-249 Bahawalpur-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-250 Bahawalpur-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-251 Bahawalpur-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-252 Bahawalpur-VIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-253 Bahawalpur-IX: Results are awaiting. 

PP-254 Bahawalpur-X: Results are awaiting. 

PP-256 Rahim Yar Khan-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-257 Rahim Yar Khan-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-258 Rahim Yar Khan-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-259 Rahim Yar Khan-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-260 Rahim Yar Khan-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-261 Rahim Yar Khan-VII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-264 Rahim Yar Khan-X: Results are awaiting. 

PP-267 Rahim Yar Khan-XIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-262 Rahim Yar Khan-VIII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-263 Rahim Yar Khan-IX: Results are awaiting. 

PP-265 Rahim Yar Khan-XI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-266 Rahim Yar Khan-XII: Results are awaiting. 

PP-268 Muzaffargarh-I: Results are awaiting. 

PP-269 Muzaffargarh-II: Results are awaiting. 

PP-270 Muzaffargarh-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-271 Muzaffargarh-IV: Results are awaiting. 

PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V: Results are awaiting. 

PP-273 Muzaffargarh-VI: Results are awaiting. 

PP-275 Muzaffargarh-VIII

PP-278 Kot Addu-III: Results are awaiting. 

PP-277 Kot Addu-II

PP-279 Layyah-I

PP-280 Layyah-II

PP-281 Layyah-III

PP-282 Layyah-IV

PP-283 Layyah-V

PP-284 Taunsa-I

PP-285 Taunsa-II

PP-286 Dera Ghazi Khan-I

PP-287 Dera Ghazi Khan-II

PP-288 Dera Ghazi Khan-III

PP-289 Dera Ghazi Khan-IV

PP-290 Dera Ghazi Khan-V

PP-291 Dera Ghazi Khan-VI

PP-293 Rajanpur-II

PP-294 Rajanpur-III

PP-296 Rajanpur-V

PP-297 Rajanpur-VI


Pakistani rupee rate against US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Riyal - Check 20 April forex rates

Pakistani currency remains marginally same against US Dollar and other currencies on April 20, 2024. US dollar was being quoted at 277.5 for buying and 280.5 for selling.

Euro comes down to 293 for buying and 296 for selling while British Pound stands at 342.25 for buying, and 345.65 for selling.

UAE Dirham AED was at 75.25 and Saudi Riyal's new rates was at 73.30. 

Today’s currency exchange rates in Pakistan - 20 April 2024

Source: Forex Association of Pakistan. (last update 09:00 AM)
Currency Symbol Buying Selling
US Dollar USD 277.5 280.5
Euro EUR 293 296
UK Pound Sterling GBP 342.5 346
U.A.E Dirham AED 75.2 75.9
Saudi Riyal SAR 73.3 74.05
Australian Dollar AUD 181 182.8
Bahrain Dinar BHD 740.55 748.55
Canadian Dollar CAD 201 203
China Yuan CNY 38.47 38.87
Danish Krone DKK 39.78 40.18
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 35.53 35.88
Indian Rupee INR 3.33 3.44
Japanese Yen JPY 1.86 1.94
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 903.11 912.11
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 58.08 58.68
New Zealand Dollar NZD 164.22 166.22
Norwegians Krone NOK 25.61 25.91
Omani Riyal OMR 723.2 731.2
Qatari Riyal QAR 76.45 77.15
Singapore Dollar SGD 204.5 206.5
Swedish Korona SEK 25.31 25.61
Swiss Franc CHF 305.47 307.97
Thai Bhat THB 7.56 7.71


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