CJP Nisar over the moon about Karachi's cleanliness

01:22 PM | 9 Jun, 2018
CJP Nisar over the moon about Karachi's cleanliness
KARACHI - Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar expressed on Saturday pleasure over the improved situation of cleanliness in Karachi, saying the credit for it went to the Sindh government.

The top judge gave the remarks while hearing a case regarding water and sanitation issues at the apex court's Karachi Registry. CJP Nisar said, "He was pleased to see the level of cleanliness in the city".

The case hearing was attended by Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar and Chief Secretary Shahab Usto. The secretary informed the court that 915 water-related schemes have been completed so far out of the 3,000 that were hanging in midair until 2017.

He highlighted that people of Karachi are facing the shortage of 250 million gallons of water daily, adding that progress has been observed in the schemes launched to mitigate the crisis.

He also told the chief justice that sewerage schemes were also in the full swing.

During the hearing, the chief justice called Karachi mayor to the rostrum and inquired about clogged drains and trash in Karachi, saying the monsoon season is around the corner.

To this, Akhtar said they have started work on clearing drains and it will soon start yielding results. Talking about cleanliness, Akhtar said: "You may have observed it while travelling on Sharah-e-Faisal.

The chief justice remarked that he was happy to see cleanliness in Karachi, besides praising the Sindh government for the progress in the city.

The top judge asked when he will be offered to visit the state of the drains, to which, Ahtar replied, "You can inspect them at any time". CJP Nisar vowed to conduct the inspection during his next visit to Karachi.

During the hearing, Usto suggested the government should be given time till July 2019 to complete drainage-related work.

However, the chief justice remarked all the relevant schemes should be completed by December 2018 before his retirement.