Tribals kill wolf of rare species in Pakistan’s Sulaiman Range

02:18 PM | 10 Feb, 2019
Tribals kill wolf of rare species in Pakistan’s Sulaiman Range
DERA GHAZI KHAN – A wolf of rare species has been killed by tribal people of the Sulaiman Range in a bid to protect their animals, according to Pakistan’s wildlife officials.

The incident took place at Pharawn in Tuman Leghari, adjacent to Tuman Gorchani, when a pack of six wolves had attacked animals of the locals.

One of the wolves was killed while the rest of five wolves are being chased by the group of people belonging to different tribes to be killed, the Dawn reported on Sunday morning.

The newspaper cited a wildlife official as claiming to have dispatched a team to stop the tribal people from killing the rare species of the wolf.

Killing wolves is a punishable crime in Punjab under Section 21 of the Wildlife Act 1974.

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The Sulaiman Mountains are located in northern Balochistan and Zabul province of Afghanistan. Takht-e-Sulaiman, meaning Solomon's Throne with a height of 3,487 m (11,437 feet) in Balochistan is the highest peak of Sulaiman Mountains.