Another tragic news from Kasur: Justice for Zainab

10:15 PM | 10 Jan, 2018
Another tragic news from Kasur: Justice for Zainab

Social media is flooded with yet another devastating news from Kasur.


People are taking to Twitter to express their rage towards this heartbreaking incident which took place in Kasur. An eight year old girl Zainab was raped and then brutually murdered by a monster who not for once thought about the little girl who isn’t even aware of the word “bad touch”.  Zainab was kidnapped , raped multiple times before she was strangled to death. Her body was dumped in a heap which was found on Tuesday. Every single second of her pain is a wake up call for us to realise that girls in our society are not protected. It is for us to realise where we as a nation are going wrong.


It is too late to condemn the situation as we lost Zainab however this is the right time to learn from our mistakes! People are taking over social media to acknowledge the ‘white Elephant in the room’.

Celebrities, politicians and all the other opinion leaders are coming together to speak up against such horrible act which left the family in a lifelong trauma.

Set an example, it’s high time! 

A vigil for Zainab and a plea for safe society:

Regardless of the gender we need to condemn and end sexual abuse:

Humanity died long ago:

Justice for every child:

Not the government but the people: 

Setting an example is where we start from: 

12 And counting...

She is a responsibility not an opportunity:

Islamic principles:

We failed: 

The list can go on but we are sorry and ashamed Zainab that we couldn’t save You or the ones before you but not letting go this time around. We want justice for Zainab and all the other children, women or even men! This is the time to stand up against this monstrosity! 

#JusticeForZainab #FightAgainstSexualAbuse