PM Imran inaugurates state-of-the-art Azakhel Dry Port

05:13 PM | 10 Jan, 2020
PM Imran inaugurates state-of-the-art Azakhel Dry Port

NOWSHERA - Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday inaugurated the newly constructed state-of-the-art Azakhel Dry Port to provide quality transportation and logistics services to people with the assistance of Pakistan Railways.

The Prime Minister formally inaugurated Azakhel Dry Port by unveiling the plaque.

Governor Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Shah Farman, Chief Minister Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Mahmood Khan, Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, Provincial Ministers, MPAs and others high ranking officials were present on the occasion.

The dry port has been completed by Pakistan Railways with an estimated cost of Rs507 million in a record one year time.

Spreading over 28 acres of land and located about 20 kilometres east from Peshawar on main GT Road in Nowshera district’s town Azakhel, the dry port is equipped with the modern loading and unloading facilities for provision of speedy freight, heavy goods and shipments services to people, businessmen, traders and industrialists.

The dry port has one-window operation facility for which a facilitation centre, Pakistan Customs, Railways, National Bank of Pakistan and police check-up points, had been established.

It can easily be approached through Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway via Rashakai interchange through Risalpur Road, GT Road and Ring Road Peshawar.

The freight and shipments, transported from Karachi sea-port, could easily be loaded and unloaded here before its onward transportation to Peshawar, KP’s other districts and Afghanistan, through enhanced roads and rails network of Pakistan.

Following construction of 1872 kilometres planned railways track from Peshawar to Karachi under CPEC, Azakhel dry port would make KP, especially Peshawar, a hub of trade, business and foreign investment with a direct positive impact on people’s socio-economic lives.

Pakistan Railways would be able to get 20pc more shares from market that would help reduce its annual losses and make it a profitable organization in next few years.

It is a gift of PTI Government for people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa that would immensely help them in transportation of their shipments to every nook and cranny of the country through enhanced roads and railways network.

Shifting of Azakhel dry-port to Nowshera from Peshawar, was planned in 2006 and its completion was possible today due to keen interest, taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

It would help generate employment opportunities for thousands of workforce, youth and labourers besides alleviating poverty and accelerating pace of economic development in the province.

The imports and exports business process would be further increase and exporters of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics would largely benefit from this landmark project.