Ertugrul famed Didem Balcin welcomes a baby boy

08:47 PM | 10 May, 2021
Ertugrul famed Didem Balcin welcomes a baby boy

Congratulations are in order as Turkish star Didem Balcin Aydin has given birth to a baby boy. 

The baby has been given the name of Alican. The star of the famed Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul has a massive fan following in Pakistan ever since she essayed the role of Selcan Hatun in the series.

The 38-year-old mommy shared the happy news on her Instagram handle. Penning a heartfelt caption, Didem beautiful encaptured multiple emotions running through her as she embraces motherhood that has filled her with utmost gratitude.

“My first mother's day, my mother, my mother-cum-sister and my dear mother-in-law who is like a mother, not a mother-in-law. For these last 3-4 days, I have been crying when the door gets knocked. Thankfully when the door gets knocked I'm constantly drooling. I hope I will be as good a mother as you see in these photos”.

Further, she wrote “My heart my dear mother; @nur_balcin I am glad I am your daughter. I hope my son will also be proud that he is my son when I am your age. My heart, my sister .. @lmkunduraci. You've always been a mother to me and you have always been my friend. The day you made me an aunt I wondered what I am going to do”.

“The love I felt for Dali was hurting my heart and I could not break up with him. I still can't stand it. I have a son now. I still have the same feelings. And fortunately, you are now an aunt. The most perfect aunt I know. And my dear @serapaydin I can't just thank you. You are like a mother to me. But the son you raised makes me so happy that I believe he can only be your creation. Only a mother can raise a man with this much love. I hope I teach my son to love and be loved like this", she concluded.

Didem Balcin married Can Aydin in May 2020, only two months after they got engaged.

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