Meesha Shafi and Aagha Ali concerned for uniformed personnel, students amid heatwave in Pakistan

06:28 PM | 11 Jun, 2021
Meesha Shafi and Aagha Ali concerned for uniformed personnel, students amid heatwave in Pakistan

Amid the intense summer heat continuing to rage on across Pakistan, stars are addressing the issue at hand by getting vocal on social media considering the struggles of people being forced to work in the scorching weather.

The burgeoning list of concerns regarding current working conditions are valid keeping in view that prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses among citizens. 

Turning to her Twitter handle, the Aaya Lariye singer Meesha highlighted the impracticality of uncomfortable uniforms which are the culprit aggravating the torture.

"This is so agonistic! Polyester uniforms should be banned to make things easier for the security guards in this scorching heat," with reference to a quote by security guard Aslam Noor is which he said, "My uniform is made of pure polyester. Only my God and I know what's going on inside my body. It is like hell fire."

"Polyester uniforms have no place in our region. Normalize cotton/muslin shalwar kurtaz… Schools kids, guards, whoever.", she concluded.

On the other hand, Agha Ali expressed disappointment with school administrations that resumed the academic year on campus despite the sweltering heat.

"The heat is just killing these days, I had to stop shooting as it was 44 degrees in Lahore and even in Islamabad today. Please have some mercy on the kids."

Further, the Dil-e-Gumshuda star added, "Start schools after their summer vacations. This one week just for the fee? Have some shame, have some mercy!".

As the heatwave in Pakistan intensifies, the masses are struggling to cope with the soaring temperature to resume their daily chores. The exhausting work condition of students, security guards or delivery workers needs attention and tailor uniforms are required for them to be comfortable.

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