Pakistani man lands in hospital after inserting electric wire into urinary tract

11:00 PM | 11 Jun, 2022
Pakistani man lands in hospital after inserting electric wire into urinary tract
Source: Endoscopic removal of self-inflicted urethral foreign body: A case report

In a bizarre incident in Pakistan's southeastern region, a man landed in a hospital after he inserted a piece of an electrical wire into his penis in a desperate attempt to 'cure his inability to pass urine'.

It was reported that an 18cm long wire was stuck into his urinary tract when the man was rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in the port city of Karachi.

The medical report of the bizarre incident was published in the health journal Urology Case Reports which mentioned that the man suffered pain and difficulty urinating for two months prior to pushing a foreign object into his urethra.

The doctors who treated him mentioned that they felt the wire inside his penis. Scans revealed the wire had extended all the way up to reach his bladder.

The medical team first decided to insert a camera into the urethra of a 64-year-old man however they could see serious complications. Surgeons then pulled out the object by hand using forceps, per the report.

Following the removal of the extended piece of wire, the patient reportedly showed no immediate complications.

Medical experts have warned that inserting any foreign object into the urethra can cause infections, bleeding and erection problems. Serious complications like scarring of the tube or puncture in the bladder can happen that require major reconstructive surgery.

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