World's largest orchestra mesmerizes audience in Germany

12:59 PM | 12 Jul, 2016
World's largest orchestra mesmerizes audience in Germany
FRANKFURT - An orchestra in Germany on Sunday broke the world record for gathering the largest-ever musical ensemble, comprising 7,548 musicians

The musicians had earlier arrived at theCommerzbank Arena stadium in Frankfurt, complete with instruments, in a boid to break the world record.

The 51,500-seat football stadium was transformed into a classical performance venue with a 550 square meter (yard) video screen installed to enthrall the audience.

The orchestra was led by Hamburg conductor Wolf Kerschek and performed a number of different pieces for approximately 45 minutes.

The orchestra beat the previous record, broken in Australia in 2013 when 7,224 musicians came together to perform at the Queensland Music Festival.

“It’s an incredibly special day. I’ve never heard anything like this. I’ve never heard a sound like this and I’ve never had an experience like this – and we’re just talking about the rehearsal,” said Kerschek in the lead up to the performance.

Here's a glimpse of the record-breaking performance: