A star-studded night with VEON Official Launch in Pakistan

01:35 PM | 12 Oct, 2017
A star-studded night with VEON Official Launch in Pakistan
The International telecom operator  VEON has joined hands with Pakistan’s No. 1 telecom operator Jazz to officially launch the  VEON App. in Pakistan. The star-studded extravaganza of prominent names at the event was a glamourous affair last night.

VEON and Jazz have launched a multimedia mobile app where you can find a lot of media, ranging from interesting news articles and videos to the latest music. It is the latest way to keep in touch with anyone, anytime.

The launch started off with an incoming of celebrities, media houses and honourable guests (including CEO Mr. Usman Shami of Daily Pakistan) from different walks of life were invited at the event. Organized by JBnJaws Productions, the event provided a full on entertaining experience to the guests. The team worked beautifully to present the grandiose stage set for the night. The gourmet servings of refreshments provided for the guests were epicurean and decadent. The night turned up the notch when the mega star Atif Aslam performed live on stage and gave out a soulful performance with the audience singing to the tunes of the maestro all along.

Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of Jazz with Mehreen Syed

Udaari actor Ahsan Khan

Ahmad Ali Butt

Juggun Kazim

Mikaal Zulfiqar

Model Alyzeh Gabol

Ushna Shah


The marketing done for the launch event by the JBnJaws was also an interesting phenomenon. It created the intense hype and as a result the launch was definitely one of the biggest events in Lahore of 2017.



VEON’s objective is to fundamentally redefine the personal internet experience in the country. VEON app uses your phone’s mobile network or Wi-Fi to connect you via call, or chat. Alongside, you can send pictures and videos, all of this for free. This app is the amalgamation of all the existing technology apps, molded into something superior for an improved and more viable service.

Jazz’s Chief Executive Officer, Aamir Ibrahim shared, “I am proud to announce Jazz, as the first telco partner of VEON, supporting a complete digital ecosystem. We have consistently strived to invest in innovative technologies that would deeply impact the lives of millions of people and enhance the digital economy of Pakistan.”

He continued, “Our partnership with VEON in Pakistan is about redefining communication as we know it. Imagine a world where you have the freedom to experience a complete communication platform without being deprived of access even when you are out of balance. VEON is the future of digital communication; a solution that is unparalleled in the history of Pakistan and Jazz is at the forefront of this digital revolution.”

VEON’s Chief Commercial & Digital Officer, Christopher Schlaffer also spoke on the occasion, “We are proud to announce the launch of VEON, a most unique and innovative platform that holds the answer to all our communication needs. From calls to messages, personalized content for our users, to offers and deals, mobile wallet and contextual internet services, VEON holds the power to radically alter consumer behavior vis-à-vis mobile communication. VEON is a new internet, where people can depend on one true source, one reliable platform, and a place to go as a first stop, a place to begin. It provides all that the Internet has to offer, in one place, further empowering users in Pakistan.”

VEON is revamping the field by renovating technology in the best price. VEON is among top 10 communications network operators globally and has 235 million customers in 13 countries.

Daily Pakistan is a proud content partner of the visionary VEON.


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