Ayesha Omar writes heartfelt note for herself on 41st birthday

11:31 PM | 12 Oct, 2021
Ayesha Omar writes heartfelt note for herself on 41st birthday

Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar celebrated her 41st birthday on Tuesday.

To celebrate the occasion, she took to her Instagram handle and wrote a heartfelt note for herself. She says,

“Happy birthday, my darling little Ayeshooo.

From my critical inner parent to my pure inner child.

From my chaotic, distracted mind to my naive but honest heart.

From my spirit to my soul.

From my intense feelings to my real emotions.

From my guarded barriers to my most vulnerable self.

I’m so proud of you today. I know it hasn’t been easy all the time, but you’ve made it through.

This photo is from my 3rd birthday. This little 3 year old had no idea what life was going to throw at her. She had no clue about the traumas, trials, joys, successes, failures, love, heartbreaks, progress, regressions and wonders that were going to flow in. The people she was going to meet, know, love, keep and lose. But the biggest, most unimaginable trauma had already happened. I had lost my father a year ago… I didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t even know a father. And yet I was happy. It’s the first memory I have. My mother getting me ready for this birthday. It’s faint but it’s there. And this little me represents my present inner child. The inner child I’m trying so hard to reparent every day. And all I want to say to her today is: you cannot and should not make others happy all the time. You cannot divide yourself all the time. You cannot please others all the time. You come first and you need to forgive, love and celebrate yourself.

Every. Single. Day.



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