MILO Futsal League 2019: Enabling the future of sports in Pakistan

05:42 PM | 15 Apr, 2019
MILO Futsal League 2019: Enabling the future of sports in Pakistan
LAHORE - MILO Futsal League 2019 was held at the Beaconhouse Newlands campus this week, according to a press release issued by the company here on Monday.

The event was aimed at bringing together a diverse mix of teams from three major cities; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to compete in a dynamic environment.

At the same time, the focus was on creating awareness about the importance of sports and highlighting the talent of young players on the grassroots level, it added.

“There is an urgent need to elevate the level of sports in Pakistan. For too long, we have ignored the brilliant talent these young individuals have and there are not enough opportunities available to bring them into the limelight. MILO identified this need and partnered with FC Barcelona to not only, create a sports-friendly event for the youth but to also give them a chance to display their potential. We believe in creating the right kind of opportunities for our girls and boys to excel in the world of sports”, said Ahsan Kakazai, Brand Manager Nestlé MILO Pakistan.

The League began in 2018 as a result of a partnership between Nestlé MILO and FC Barcelona.

The winning teams, as well as players, were awarded prizes for their efforts. Coach Juan and Coach Enric of FC Barcelona had travelled from Spain to be a part of this event. A concert had been arranged by the management and artists from Nescafe Basement performed at the occasion.

The Grand Finale was held on Sunday, and two winners will be getting inducted at the Barca Academy.

Nestlé MILO has helped in creating a momentum for sports in Pakistan and with continued efforts, the future looks quite promising.

Doctor Usman Bhatty – Business Head at Nestlé and Waqas Anwar – Senior Marketing Manager at Nestlé, were the chief guests at the event.-PR