Famed ‘Fiza-Shiza’ actor Kiran Tabier welcomes first child

09:16 AM | 15 Aug, 2022
Famed ‘Fiza-Shiza’ actor Kiran Tabier welcomes first child
Source: Kiran Tabier (Instagram)

KARACHI – Pakistani actress Kiran Tabeir, who is best known for her role as Fiza and Shiza, blessed with first child, a baby girl after 12 years of her marriage. 

The Parizaad actor Sunday made an announcement on Instagram where she also shared a picture with her newborn baby, Izzah Hamza Malik.

“Lucky are those whose first child is a daughter. And I [have been] blessed with one ALHUMDULILAH after 12 years. Finally, Allah [has] blessed us with His Rehmat. We are parents now. It’s a baby girl, meet Izzah Hamza Malik.”

Saying Izzah was born on August 13, she asked the fans to remember her family in their prayers.

Earlier this year, Kiran became the face of the viral Fiza Shiza meme. The telefilm Judwa from anthology series called Haqeeqat faced endless trolling due to its problematic storyline and absurd scenes.

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