‘Sana makki’ is a laxative, not a cure for coronavirus: Saba Hamid

03:33 PM | 16 Jun, 2020
‘Sana makki’ is a laxative, not a cure for coronavirus: Saba Hamid

Pakistan’s battle against the coronavirus has many obstacles - large crowds, an exhausted health system and limited infrastructure - as the number of infections continue to surge daily.

But beyond these, the most alarming thing is: misinformation and fake news.

From offering unverified home remedies to fight the virus, to fake advisories telling people to avoid foods such as ice cream and chicken, and sharing conspiracy theories, social media is being drowned by misinformation.

Following this, veteran TV star Saba Hamid has took it upon herself to clear misconceptions such as the consumption ofSana Makki/senna plant to cure coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter, the Ghalti actor wrote, “Covid patients should not use sana makki, it’s a laxative, it dehydrates the patient and he/she can die, only normal people can take it for constipation but that too once a day and little in quantity, there is no medical evidence that it’s a covid cure.”

There are many things that can boost your immunity, which will help fight against coronavirus but none of these things can be used as VACCINE! It’s important for people to understand that not everything and anything can be hoarded upon.

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