Fashion 2018: Here are 7 trendy Hairstyle ideas for women

02:27 PM | 17 Jul, 2018
Fashion 2018: Here are 7 trendy Hairstyle ideas for women
LAHORE - Summer is at its peak these days and hair are being affected greatly by the weather. Women are very much concerned about their hair and hair care.  The hair trends for 2018 are all about looking to the past to find your style of the future. Below are some of the easy to make hairstyle ideas at home. Here, the top 10 2018 hair trends to keep in style:

1# High Ponytail: It's easy to beat the humidity when you sport a high pony. Slick your hair back, secure with a hair tie and some spray, and go about your day looking totally chic and cool. The heat doesn't even stand a chance.

2# Super blunt bob cut: "Strong architecture is back with super blunt lines for bobs," according to hairstylist Silvestera. Women who became comfortable going from long hair to mid-length hair have now built up enough courage to go shorter.

3# Long and  Sleek: If you still haven't mastered the straight-from-the-beach look (it's hard!), don't worry: Straight hair is back. "No more beachy waves!," Now that the housewives are doing them, the cool girls are moving onto a long, sleek, and healthy look." Just grab yourself a reliable flat iron.

4# Undone updos: Basic buns, begone! Airy, romantic styles have refreshed the red carpets. "Soft layers around the face can change your hairstyle and add to the hair's character," says Guido Palau, Redken's global creative director.

5# Cropped cuts: "Short lengths are in style, particularly with geometric ends," says Simon Miller, KMS California Global Style Council member. Take the chance to chop it all off — you'll be glad you did.

6# Short and crop: It's the season to go short — but not too short. "I don't think a lot of women are going to take the shaved head plunge like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne, but the funky messy chops like Jaimie Alexander's are great," Fugate says.

7# Retro curls: Channel the uber glamorous hairstyles from the Old Hollywood era. "To get this look, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair," Fugate says. "Blow dry your hair until it's 80% dry. Wrap your hair in rollers — Velcro or pillow — to boost volume and add bounce. Then, let your hair dry completely." Then remove the rollers and brush through the curls to create a polished finish.