Burkini swimsuits promote "enslavement of women," says French PM

04:06 PM | 18 Aug, 2016
Burkini swimsuits promote
PARIS (Web Desk) - Giving an apparently awkward justification, the French Premier has opined that Burkini swimsuits promote the enslavement of women and they are in contradiction with French values.

The comments of Manuel Valls came in the after math of the debate citing the ban on use of Burkini by Muslim women. Mediterranean towns including cannes,Villeneuve Loubet and Sisco on the island of Corsica have already banned the use of burkini and Le Touquet is planning to do the same.

Although the premier threw his weight behind the ban but he expressed that he was not in favour of a national law along such lines.

The French administration is asking mayors in different areas to ease the tension between different communities that erupted after the debate on the use of Burkini started.

On the other hand, the group supporting the ban was of the view that the use of Burkini poses security threat to France. Three women were fined for wearing burkinis at beaches in Cannes few days ago.

It is relevant to mention that France, which has the largest Muslim minority in Europe, already forbids full-face niqab and burqa veils in public.