How many Pakistanis willing to administer COVID-19 vaccine, reveals survey

At least 1,500 respondents participated in the survey which carried out between December 2-14.

10:51 AM | 18 Dec, 2020
How many Pakistanis willing to administer COVID-19 vaccine, reveals survey

ISLAMABAD – A new survey by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) has revealed that 56 percent of Pakistanis said they are willing to get the coronavirus vaccine. Whereas, 34 percent said they don’t need any vaccine.

A number of respondents referred to various theories about the corona vaccine. Earlier in a previous survey, 67 percent of respondents were willing to administer the vaccine.

35 percent favored Chinese vaccine, 14 percent supported local vaccine, 9 percent wanted US vaccine, 5 percent was looking for United Kingdom vaccine, 3 percent wanted Russian vaccine sputnik, 2 percent wanted vaccine from any Islamic country while 1 percent preferred German and Japanese vaccines.

According to the 15 percent of Pakistanis, they will administer any vaccine approved by the government, while 16 percent did not respond to this question.

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The new IPROR survey reveals that 56% of Pakistanis agreed that the opposition should postpone their public rallies in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, 23% of respondents support the opposition to go ahead with its rallies.

56 percent of respondents admired Prime Minister Imran Khan for handling the COVID-19 crisis, while 31 percent were displeased with his performance.

60 percent of the respondents in the survey think the Covid pandemic is real, while 25 percent deny the fact, and term it as a conspiracy.

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