Twitter slams Dhoop ki Deewar over 'problematic' storyline

05:32 PM | 19 Jun, 2021
Twitter slams Dhoop ki Deewar over 'problematic' storyline

Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly's Dhoop Ki Deewar is a story of human emotions and the deep-rooted hate between Pakistan and India.

Written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Haseeb Hasan,  Dhoop Ki Deewar is a story of two youngsters, Sara and Vishal, who are divided by borders but united by the grief caused by deaths of their fathers in the ongoing conflict in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The trailer of the drama released on June 15 caused a furor on the internet as fans lambasted the storyline. Pakistani Twitter users were enraged, considering the plot is "disrespectful to Kashmiris". The keyboard warriors have declared that peace with India is not an option.

#BanDhoopKiDeewar became a top trend this week as people continued to protest against the storyline, which shows a Muslim girl (played by Sajal) romancing a Hindu boy (played by Ahad).

The writer Umera Ahmed took to social media to clarify her stance on the matter by posting a lengthy clarification on Instagram. She labelled the love story as a “social tragedy,” where she highlights the effects of war on individual lives.  

Dhoop Ki Deewar, a Zindagi Original, will be premiered on 25th June on ZEE5.

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