20 February World Day of Social Justice “A call for Social Justice in Digital Economy”

03:52 PM | 20 Feb, 2021
20 February World Day of Social Justice “A call for Social Justice in Digital Economy”
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The popular contention that the rich get richer and the poor get the poorer appears to be largely based on fact particularly within the present global context. Social justice is a recent concept born of the struggles surrounding the industrial revolution and the advent of socialist. In today’s world, an enormous gap in the distribution of wealth, income and public benefits growing faster reflecting a general trend that is morally unfair politically unwise and economically unsound.

Injustice at the international level has produced a parallel increase in inequality between affluent and poor countries. Social justice means that everyone’s human rights are respected and protected.

Everyone has equal opportunities. Everyone has the right to spend their life happily in accordance with their mind while keeping in mind the human rights of others. Social justice depends on human rights and equity. Social Justice applies to all aspects of society including race and gender and tied with human rights. Racial inequality is one of the most common social justice issues in the world.

Social Justice tells the equal rights of everyone in the economy, politics and careers. It encompasses economic justice. Social Justice explains us getting equal health care treatment is our social right. We have equal right in education but due to financial conditions, some students having calibre cannot get higher education.

They sacrifice the field of their interest like if we talk about a pure science pre-medical student who wants to be a doctor but lack social justice in educational policies, limited seat criteria and a heavy amount per semester causes brainstorm and students commit suicides or take admission in other fields in which they don’t have any interest till the end of their degree meanwhile same with the engineers after their graduation they are not familiar with the practical field of work.

The point to be noted is that we are producing impassionate students in society having no spark to work hard in their field. The base is so rough so how can we imagine the productive and worthy work from the coming generation. In this digital generation, we need more justice equality policies and a learning framework so the upcoming youth can produce productive and innovative things in reality, copy-pasting in facial expressions and digital marketing is everywhere. To combat this we need to learn the technical things to progress in society so no one can harm us and we can grow with the flow.

The theme for world social justice day 20 Feb 2021 is “A call for Social Justice in the digital economy”. As above social justice provides human rights with fair context and equally, everyone can enjoy the rights of being a human. No one can suppress others on the basis of wealth status gender and colour discriminations. Lockdown has exposed the people earning through digital media and growing their digital economy through social media platforms. Social justice aims at everyone can generate economy through social media as this platform is for all to become a creator and earn.

The writer is a student of journalism at Punjab University, Lahore