Anoushey Ashraf shares her memory with Qandeel Baloch

07:05 PM | 20 Jul, 2021
Anoushey Ashraf shares her memory with Qandeel Baloch

In today's world of advancement, sentiments and compassion have taken a backseat as the cutthroat competition continues to shadow tolerance.

As the majority keep on underestimating the power of a kind word, actor and RJ Anoushey Ashraf gives a message of kindness as she remembers the victim of 'honour' killing, Qandeel Baloch.

Remembering the icon of defiance, Ashraf emphasizes on lack of empathy and kindness with a picture. She recalled that a long time ago, Baloch shared a picture of Ashraf on social media and said she was kind to her.

"On this day many years ago, Qandeel Baloch put up a picture of me when we met at a show. She thought I was kind. That's all it took to make someone happy. Being kind. Being respectful. To each and every human," she wrote.

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"I know nothing of her struggles or her miseries. I only see someone on the surface and I shall never be mean to someone for their choices. It's not my job, honestly. My job is only to be kind. Zero judgments. You can disagree with her ways, but you can never agree with hurting anyone, RIP girl."

Perhaps the most popular case of honour killing in Pakistan, Baloch’s youngest brother had drugged and strangled her to death in the name of family’s honour in 2016.

The shocked but not surprised expression gripped the entire nation where the people who openly criticized Qandeel's scandalous action when she was alive, condemned her honour killing.

The culprit (Qandeel's brother) in the much-hyped Qandeel-killing case was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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