Trump terms US-Pakistan relations 'very good'

11:45 PM | 21 Mar, 2019
Trump terms US-Pakistan relations 'very good'
WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the relations between the United States and Pakistan were “very good”.

While departing for Ohio, the US president dished in on the ties with Islamabad briefly and said his administration will soon be meeting Pakistani officials.

Ties between Pakistan and United States hit a rock bottom as 2018 dawned as the Trump administration cut off military aid to Islamabad.

The Trump administration also alleged Pakistan of not having taken actions against militants and 'agents of chaos', however, Pakistan denied the allegations and highlighted the sacrifices made by it in the war against terrorism.

In November last year, Trump talked tough on the issue to the extent that he alleged Pakistan of not having done a damn thing for the US.

However, after the visit of Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo to Islamabad and Pakistan's role in the Afghan peace process, the US as well as Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad admitted that Pakistan was playing a positive role.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan also responded to the tirade of the 45th US president and clarified the facts on the aid to the country.

Pakistan has suffered enough fighting US's war. Now we will do what is best for our people and our interests, Khan had clarified in his tweets last year.