Shahid Afridi finally confirms daughter’s engagement to Shaheen Afridi

09:42 PM | 21 May, 2021
Shahid Afridi finally confirms daughter’s engagement to Shaheen Afridi

LAHORE – Pakistan’s celebrated cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi has confirmed that his daughter is engaged to star bowler of national cricket team Shaheen Shah Afridi.

In the latest interview with a private news channel, Shahid said that the family of Shaheen Afridi, who bagged multiple titles during his recent tours of South Africa and Zimbabwe, had been sending the proposal for two years. He said that he talked to his daughter about the proposal before saying yes. He said that his daughter recently completed her FSc.

Earlier in March this year, Shaheen’s father Ayyaz Khan Afridi had told the media that his family had a longstanding relationship with the family of Shahid Afridi and they had sought the hand of Shahid Afridi’s daughter for Shaheen. He had confirmed that Shahid Afridi’s family had accepted the proposal. He however had said at that time that an engagement ceremony would be held later.

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The news had spread like a wildfire in Shaheen Afridi’s hometown of Landi Kotal at that time. His friends and relatives had distributed sweets and displayed fireworks to celebrate the occasion.

The news was initially shared by some socially media users on March 7.

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