Meezan Bank suspends Mummy Club's account

11:21 PM | 22 Feb, 2021
the mummy club

Meezan Bank has deactivated the account of an online community for not being Shariah compliant, while the owner says the word ‘club’ became the reason.

Stylist and influencer Manahyl Khan Shafi founded The Mummy Club in 2018 with the purpose of helping mothers without any influence of race, culture or religion. Now, it has 9000 members and the club is actively working offline.

Shafi said the account was operational and money was being deposited in it. The bank also issued a cheque book and an ATM card. She informed her vendors about the bank account to make deposits in it only to find out it was deactivated.

The bank did not give any written reason for deactivating the account but Shafi says cancellation is due to the word ‘club’.

Shafi opened a business account for the store ‘TMC’, which is owned by The Mummy Club, selling clothing and shoes for moms and babies. The bank opened the account at first but later asked for full name because abbreviations like TMC is not acceptable. But when she submitted the full name and wrote ‘club’, that’s when the problem ensued.

Meezan Bank has not given any official statement on the matter.

The bank previously made headlines in July 2019 when it refused payments for Netflix customers in Pakistan stating that the movies subscription fee is not Shariah compliant.

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