'COV-RAID’: New Pakistani software detects Covid-19 in less than a minute

01:29 PM | 22 Nov, 2020
'COV-RAID’: New Pakistani software detects Covid-19 in less than a minute

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani scientists have used artificial intelligence to form a diagnostic software that can detect COVID-19 within a minute.

Science Diplomacy Pakistan, a division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a tweet on Saturday said, Kudos to NECOP and Pakistani scientists for developing ‘COVRAID’ an AI-based diagnostic software to detect COVID-19. Pakistan stands ready and willing to explore collaborations and partnerships to share this technology with the world.

The new software ‘COV-RAID’ has an accuracy of more than 90% and is a cost-effective and universally accessible diagnostic tool.

Science Diplomacy Pakistan congratulated the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP) and the country’s scientists on developing this tool, a media report says.

To test the accuracy the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) had done a trial test of detecting coronavirus with chest X-rays using artificial intelligence, the National Command and Operating Centre said.

Permission for the trial test was given to NECOP by the PEC. A final test report has, however, yet to be shared by the PEC.

A data repository of chest X-rays has been created to fine-tune the diagnostic software's ability to identify coronavirus symptoms in patients, as per the COV-RAID website.

The software utilizes a chest X-ray image of a patient to detect whether the person has the virus or not by comparing it to the reference images it has in its data repository.

COV-RAID can be used at isolation centres for the prognosis of patients to detect their timely recovery and to divide the load on the infrastructure.