Helping sellers maximize their earnings in the e-commerce landscape

07:55 PM | 22 Sep, 2021
Helping sellers maximize their earnings in the e-commerce landscape

In the growing digital economic landscape, the transition for the retailers to move from physical stores have not been easy. With internet creating accessibility for consumers and sellers, challenges continued to endure for many with government applying restrictions. Mandated to reduce hours or capacity limits, its steered consumers leaning more towards online channels for their shopping.

Shifting towards eCommerce, retailers especially in Pakistan were forced to review their existing strategies and how to maximize their earnings in the changing retail landscapes. The move to online-only consumer experience has impacted all the retailers who were reliant on relationship selling, enhanced in-store experiences and consumer trying the product. These factors contributed in the building equity of consumer loyalty and revenue through a brand experience at a greater level.

Daraz – Pakistan’s largest e-Commerce platform reports an increase of 80,000+ sellers since March 2020 till August 2021. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital and it triggered the change in online shopping. Daraz increased their seller base by 80,000+. Today, Daraz has a monthly active user of 15 Million+ and an assortment of 20 Million+. The shift in the emerging economies have made the greatest shift to online shopping.

The change for sellers from physical stores to online was challenging. New sellers spinning numerous plates and tackling everything as they grow their expertise and adapt to the change. One side effect of these rapid changes and growth can cause human error. Developing the skillset required to adapt, may cause inconvenience to the consumer too. In order to do this, Daraz educates its sellers through its flagship platform – Daraz University and ensures all the gaps are filled for a more aware and educated seller community.

To improve the quality of the product and ensure seller is satisfied, Daraz has taken the necessary measure to address the seller community’s concerns. In the lights of recently delisting of 5000+ fraudulent sellers, Daraz has improved their Quality Checks and has also assured the sellers that they will be given the opportunity to improve their business. The penalty which sellers had to bear at the fault of customer, will be improved and if seller manages to improve their scorecard in the following month, Daraz will waive off the penalty.

Adapting to the latest seller behavior, Daraz launched a new campaign, “Naiy Iraaday, Naiy Azaam”. The campaign is for seller development aiming to improve seller experience.