Ayesha Omar, Azfar Rehman ‘reunite’ after six years

10:55 PM | 23 Sep, 2021
Ayesha Omar, Azfar Rehman ‘reunite’ after six years

Pakistani TV actors Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman are all set to reunite in Fahim Burney's drama serial Bisaat after a break of six years. They will play husband and wife in this play.

These long-time best friends were last seen together on screen in the 2015 drama serial Miss U Kabhi Kabhi. Besides reuniting Ayesha and Azfar on screen, the drama will bring Ayesha back to TV after a long time. Miss U Kabhi Kabhi was her last drama serial on TV.

Azfar told an interviewer that this drama's story was "a little intense". Talking about his character, the actor said he isn't an "out and out positive character". "He is quite different and has many shades to his personality," he said. "Ayesha is playing my wife in the drama. Her character's name is Sophie."

Speaking of Ayesha, Azfar said working with her is always a pleasure. "It's been so much fun," he said. "Our equation has never changed. We've been friends for almost 17 years now. We've been through so much together, the highs and the lows, but the friendship is still the same. Whenever Ayesha and me are together, we're like two kids. We argue or fight with each just like kids but our bond is very strong."

Ayesha shared these sentiments. She said Azfar is family to her. "I've done many projects with Azfar throughout my career," she said. "He's literally my family and we have this comfort level that is totally unmatchable. It's very satisfying working with Azfar," she highlighted.


Ayesha gave a little insight into her own character in Bisaat. "My role is of a half Turkish, half Pakistani girl," she said. "The character is very positive. The kind of journey or circumstances my character goes through, there are different ways of facing them. You can react to them in a very negative way but she chooses to take on everything happening to her and reacts in a very sensible way. She is a very mature and stable character.

"I really like the overall message this drama is conveying to the viewers," she added.

The actress touched upon her return to dramas after several years. "I haven't done any serials in the last few years because I've been working on film. I chose this serial because Fahim Burney contacted me and said he'd love for me and Azfar to be in it," she said. "Azfar and Fahim bhai are like family. I started my career through a serial with Fahim bhai."

Saba Hameed, Anmol Baloch, Zain Baig and Tuba Aamir Liaquat are other actors in the play.