Top 5 Pakistani bridal designers that won’t rip off your pockets

07:49 PM | 24 Jul, 2020

A wedding day is not just any other day, and the same goes for the wedding dress. When it comes to Pakistan, a bridal dress is no joke. It’s the highlight of the day and event, which will be remembered and discussed for years to come. With the so-called trend of making designer dresses as a ‘status symbol,’ it is engrained in every bride's mind to drape herself with a designer dress on her big day. However, those fantastic designers come with bizarre price tags that everyone can’t afford. Here we have gathered the best Pakistani Designers for your big day, but don’t worry, these designers won’t break your heart with their budgets.

  1. Republic Womenswear

Get your hands on your dream ensemble from Republic Womenswear. They offer a broad category of designs and make your bridal dress the way you want with their added elements. Republic Womenswear rose to fame shortly and now you get to see their designs at almost any bridal catalogs and magazines. And don’t forget the prices; they’ll give you the absolute luxurious and best wedding dress and rates you just can’t just ignore.

2. Elan Bridals

 If you’re looking for the right bridal dress, how can you forget the ultimate Elie Saab of Pakistan? With its delicate and ethereal designs and embroidery, one can’t just omit them from their list of selected designers. Elan, a Karachi-based designer brand, provides people with a varied experience of colors and details that you’ve wanted to see in your bridal dress. Also, the prices are a catch!

3. Nimrah Khokar

If you’re getting married soon, look no further. Nimrah Khokaris a Lahore based designer, who has a flawless take at what she does. Making perfect use of the color palette and different types of fabrics, her designs drip elegance.

4. Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse by Sana Yasir is yet another ethereal designer, keeping all her fellow clients in awe of her work. Her work is a mixture of elegance and intricacy without crossing the 6 figure budget. The work is an epitome of craftsmanship, promising quality fabric without missing out onto the details.

5. Murtuza Hussain

It hasn’t been long since the emergence of Murtaza Hussain, but within a selected number of years, this designer was able to take its place in the Pakistan fashion industry. His use of colors is what sets him apart from other designers. Known for picking up a random shade and turning it into a divine masterpiece, this designer comes with an affordable budget and is your best bet.

This piece will hopefully help and guide you to discover the bridal dress you have dreamt of all your life.