Women are now using plastic bottles to curl hair, Isn't it cool?

03:23 PM | 24 Nov, 2018
Women are now using plastic bottles to curl hair, Isn't it cool?
LAHORE - It’s safe to say that the Internet never ceases to amaze. This year alone we’ve seen a handful of trends go viral, such as Drake‘s “In My Feelings” challenge and all those slime and soap cutting videos. Now, the latest viral trend is a new beauty phenomenon that seems to have originated in China.

If you struggle to curl your hair, this hack is for you. Olivia Smalley from OMG Artistry shared a video of herself trying this hack, that was originally posted by the Instagram user.

The new curling method uses a water bottle and a hairdryer – all you need to do is cut a circular hole on one side, fill the bottle with hair and use the hairdryer to blow on the hair through the hole. After a few seconds, your strands will look perfectly salon curled.

Take a look at the video below and try it for yourself. Although, make sure you’re proceeding with caution as plastic easily melts when it gets too hot.


The mega influencer 'Huda Kattan' showed her Instagram followers an ingenious way to recreate the same sort of curls for a fraction of the price using a plastic bottle. The little trick uses a hair dryer too and it's kind of recycling, right?

Using a small knife, Huda cut a plastic bottle in half and made an incision along the side of the bottle wide enough to fit the nozzle of a hairdryer.

Once the bottle was wedged in, she sectioned her hair and placed it inside. The hot air then magically twisted the hair round to form a defined curl.


Did you like this method for curling hair?

Dear ladies, do share your experience with us once you try this easy hack at home. Love yourself!