Hira Mani believes Pakistanis are lucky to have house help

02:35 PM | 25 Jun, 2021
Hira Mani believes Pakistanis are lucky to have house help

Hira Mani has lately been quite active on her social media handles as the Do Bol star gave sneak peeks into her trip to the USA where she is vacationing.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho star has never shied away from giving peculiar views that raise eyebrows and this time was no exception either.

Keeping things transparent, the Ghalati star said that Pakistanis are incredibly lucky to have the luxury of house help and maids since they are not available in the United States.

Turning to her Instagram handle, the 33-year-old shared her views on the matter in a video where she can be seen filling up her car’s tank at a gas station.

“Something I appreciate very much is that women here do all of their work on their own. We live in a very fortunate country where we have a Tasneem or a Nazeera baji, who we can call out to if we need anything. And when you’re at a gas station, there are so many people present to help you fill up your car’s tank,”

The video was met with criticism as people maintained that calling house help or maids as a luxury is purely insensitive. Moreover, the country's poverty should not be labelled as a blessing.

Earlier, Hira had gotten mugged outside of her home in Karachi. She shared CCTV footage showing two men on bikes ambushing her car on the road. 

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