Skardu, Gilgit become one of the busiest airports of Pakistan

04:58 PM | 25 May, 2021
Skardu, Gilgit become one of the busiest airports of Pakistan

Skardu and Gilgit saw massive flight operations, at par with major cities of Pakistan on Tuesday when nearly 16 PIA flights operated to and from both the cities.

The airport saw hustle bustle with flights continuously arriving and departing at the same time. In a video released by official spokesperson of PIA depicted flights arriving while a flight departing in the background making northern areas skies busy.

PIA operated eight flights each to Gilgit and Islamabad airports in a day, highest number of flights ever operated in a day in country's history. Official Spokesperson of PIA called the expansion in operations in line with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan to promote tourism in Pakistan.

He said that to fulfill the vision and in the greater national interest, PIA is making all out efforts to provide convenient travel services to the people of the region and to promote domestic tourism in Pakistan. PIA's role is instrumental in development of these areas which rely heavily on air connection due to difficult surface network. However he added that all passengers were made to follow strict standard operating procedures issued by the Government amid Covid Pandemic.

The spokesperson said that PIA has offered really affordable fares considering the socio economic considerations of this route. The mentioned that the response so far has been really encouraging with flights operating to capacity. The spike in temperatures in other parts of the country and the fact that you can get to an extremely pleasant weather and breath taking views with a convenient air travel lasting minutes, is enticing people all across the country, especially Karachi to take these flights. Previously this journey lasted days and required extensive planning and finances.