Judiciary always welcomed dictators, Nawaz Sharif unleashes scathing criticism

03:49 PM | 26 Dec, 2017
Judiciary always welcomed dictators, Nawaz Sharif unleashes scathing criticism
ISLAMABAD - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heaped scorn at the judicial system of the country in strong-worded remarks claiming that the judiciary of the country always welcomed and gave legitimacy to the dictators who abrogated the constitution in subsequent years.

Addressing the social media convention of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz on Tuesday, the politician expressed that ever since he was ousted from office in the backdrop of Panama papers case, the progress of the country came to a halt.

The politician once again decried his disqualification on the basis of iqama (foreign work permit) comparing his case with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan.

'The ladla (dear one) was let off the hook despite admittance of offshore firms' he said in a reference to his arch-nemesis Imran Khan.

The former premier expressed that his disqualification on the basis of not withdrawing salary from son's firm (Capital FZE) was a joke but hastened to add that 'this won't go on now'.

"Pakistan is a country where the offshore companies of some are legit (halal) and others illegitimate (haram)," Nawaz said and added that the courts winded up his case swiftly, however, the case regarding former President Pervez Musharraf was still pending.

Nawaz Sharif decried the criminal justice system of the country claiming that the cases filed by grandfather are contested by the grandson.

'The time has come now to raise the flag for the supremacy of justice' he observed and added that he had previously spearheaded a campaign for the supremacy of the judiciary in 2009 and it was not against the institution.

"Those who refer to me as a coward, are the ones who went and hid in Rawalpindi when the time came for fighting for the judiciary's supremacy," he declared.

The elder Sharif maintained that till today they (courts) could not even prove corruption worth Rs10 but baseless references were filed against the family.

The president of PML-N once again reiterated to restore civilian supremacy and sanctity of vote enlisting the support of his followers who had assembled in droves at his Jati Umrah residence.

Sharif, who was disqualified from office by the top court in July for concealing his offshore firm also highlighted his achievements during the last four years.

"We eliminated terrorism and load-shedding over the past four years, with the grace of Allah," he noted and also lavished praise on his younger brother Shehebaz Sharif for his efforts to develop Pakistan's largest province, by population.

Referring to his GT road rally, organised after his disqualification, the PML-N chief said the people promised him that they would stand for the sanctity of the ballot and he was hopeful to see the youth promising the same during the convention.

Sharif reminded the audience that Pakistan could not go back now and the youth will take Pakistan forward.

The PML-N leader said although Pakistan secured independence in 1947, its founder Quaid-e-Azam's dream was yet to be realized to the full.