Swat man tortured, raped daughter-in-law for months and kept it hidden from working son

01:40 PM | 27 Jul, 2016
Swat man tortured, raped daughter-in-law for months and kept it hidden from working son
MINGORA - A young woman from Swat in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa on Tuesday accused her father-in-law of subjecting her to rape and severe torture in the absence of her husband, who went abroad to earn a livelihood some eight months ago.

Revealing the harrowing details of her abuse, the woman said that her father-in-law started raping her after her husband went to Saudi Arabia. She claims her father-in-law violently tortured her, when she tried resisting his advances.

The woman added that she was told to keep mum by her mother-in-law and that she was not allowed to talk to her husband whenever he called from abroad.

The mother of the tortured woman vindicated her daughter's stance and said she had repeatedly contacted Police station to take necessary action against the culprits. However, the Police termed the matter as a family dispute and refused to intervene even after she paid them Rs. 2000 for their assistance.

The mother of victim maintained that the girl was shifted to the tehsil hospital Matta where once again police declined to file report. She added that a female doctor discharged her daughter on the fourth day of her admission after doctoring the medical report to understate her injuries.

“We were not allowed to meet her during her stay in hospital. Ironically, she is still in critical condition but she was discharged and the female doctor said she was alright,” the victim’s uncle said.

Social activist Tabassum Adnan who brought the case to media said that violence against women is on the rise but the authorities were not concerned about it. She felt frustrated over the role of doctors who reportedly made a fake report which said that the victim's injuries were minor.

On the other hand, Matta police station SHO Anwer Khan, said he had already sent police to retrieve the medical report of the victim, on the basis of which he would proceed further.

“Once I get the medical report, I will immediately lodge FIR and arrest the accused,” he assured.