'114-year-old man' recovers from coronavirus in Africa

05:43 PM | 27 Jun, 2020
'114-year-old man' recovers from coronavirus in Africa

ADDIS ABABA – An Ethiopian centenarian has recovered from deadly Covid-19, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives across the world since its outbreak.

Doctors have termed the recovery of Aba Tilahun Woldemichale, who is according to his family is 114-years-old, "incredible" as older people are considered more vulnerable to the disease.

The recovered man, who is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian monk, has been shifted to his home where his grandson is taking care of him.

Aba Tailahun diagnosed with the infection during random screening despite being asymptomatic and was shifted to hospital.

Within four days of his admission to the severe coronavirus ward in Yeka Kotebe hospital, the health condition of the centenarian deteriorated and he was placed on oxygen to help breathe easily, BBC reported.

Besides administrating oxygen treatment to him, the health officials also gave him steroid dexamethason, a drug which has recently proved helpful in treating severely ill patients.

The number of coronavirus cases in the East African country has crossed 5,000-mark while over 80 people have died so far.