'The News' journalist Ahmad Noorani beaten up in Islamabad

12:06 PM | 27 Oct, 2017
'The News' journalist Ahmad Noorani beaten up in Islamabad
ISLAMABAD - Veteran reporter associated with 'The News', Ahmad Noorani, was assaulted by unidentified assailants in Islamabad on Friday.

According to reports, Noorani's car was intercepted by three motorcyclists near Zero Point Interchange while he was heading to Islamabad from Rawalpindi.

A total of six unidentified men got down from their motorcycles and tortured Noorani and his driver with iron rods after taking out the keys from the ignition switch.

The attackers sped away after onlookers started gathering at the site and traffic started coming to a halt on the busy intersection, Geo News reported.

Noorani, who lost consciousness, was taken to the Poly Clinic and is being administered first aid while the police are investigating the case.

Noorani's colleague Azaz Syed shared a picture of him undergoing medical treatment

Editor investigation of The News, Ansar Abbasi stated that Noorani faced head injuries.

Ahmed Noorani, who has been critical of the state policies regarding foreign affairs and civil-military imbalance, left the microblogging site mysteriously on October 19.

Widespread Condemnation

As soon as the news of the assault on Noorani hit the headlines, journalists recorded their protest in droves to denounce the bid apparently aimed at thwarting freedom of speech.

Apart from newsmen, political figures also decried the attack on Ahmed Noorani calling for immediate investigations.