Trump's Afghan strategy to end in tears, warns PM Abbasi

09:06 AM | 28 Aug, 2017
Trump's Afghan strategy to end in tears, warns PM Abbasi
ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Monday said that US President Donald Trump's strategy to carry on military battle instead of negotiations in Afghanistan will end in failure.

The prime minister stated this during an interview with an international private news channel.

Emphsising on political solution to settle dispute in the war-torn neighbouring country, he highlighted that Pakistan has a clear view regarding Afghan issue that military strategy will not work.

Rubbishing Trump's allegations that Pakistan was providing safe havens to terrorists, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said soil of Pakistan cannot be offered to fight war in Afghanistan, adding Pakistan is ready to work with all countries including India to capitalise on peace in the region.

Offering support to Afghan government, he said that the local people should be given space to settle the issue on their own.

On August 22, the US president announced his policy on South Asia in which he criticised Pakistan for sheltering elements of chaos.

Regarding America's 16-year long ongoing Afghan war, he backtracked from his pledge to swiftly finish the war and expressed intent to continue the engagement of the US army with Afghan government.

He added that troops will not be withdrawn from the country as hasty evacuation will create space for terrorists. Trumps said the "mistake" of withdrawal from Iraq will not be repeated in Afghanistan.

Highlighting the focus of US in Afghanistan, Trump said: "We are killing terrorists," instead of "nation-building".

However, he also cleared the way for increasing US presence in Afghanistan during his speech but avoided disclosing the number of troops.

According to a report, the war has cost the US about $714 billion and several thousand lives, adding that more than 60,000 people lost their lives in Pakistan which suffered a loss of about $120 billion from waging war on terrorists.