Europe's highest swing opens up in Amsterdam

01:24 PM | 30 Aug, 2016
Europe's highest swing opens up in Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM (Web Desk) - Europe's highest swing  throwing gauntlet to the adventurists has been set in motion in Amsterdam on Friday.

At 100 meters above the ground, the novelty swing termed "Over the Edge" is not for the fainthearted. It is taller than London’s Big Ben and moves back and forth over a very steep drop.

Dubbed Europe’s highest swing, tourists can dangle their legs from a dizzying 100 metres above the ground to catch a jaw-dropping view.

The swing can accommodate four people and is hydraulically powered, with the option that swingers can add their own momentum to further boost the joy.

The swing provides an opportunity to view Amsterdam’s historical centre, Red Light District and port from an angle that few people have.

The ticket price for adults is $19 (12.50 Euro) per person.An individual ride on the swing costs $7 (5 Euro) per ride. People can ride the swing free of charge till September 1.