Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir arrives in Pakistan, visits Panagah in Islamabad

09:45 PM | 31 Oct, 2020

ISLAMABAD – The popular Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir arrives in Pakistan on a 4 day trip from 31st Oct to 3rd Nov 2020.

Ozdemir will visit Pakistani tourist destinations and various parts of Pakistan to explore the nature, serene beauty, and landscape of the country. He will visit Murree and Nathia Gali on Sunday.

26 years old is known for his awesome cooking videos and efficient skills and the videos are highly admired in Pakistan.

With over 476,000 followers on Twitter and 17.2million followers on Instagram, Burak has now become a global sensation.

Upon his arrival in Pakistan, the celebrated chef said that Pakistan and Turkey share an extraordinary harmony when it comes to cultures and food and he has traveled all the way from his country to experience what Pakistan actually looks like in reality.

He visited the Panagah in Islamabad on Saturday and also prepared local cuisines in the kitchen of the Shelter home. Later he sits with the people and ate food.